To Schedule an Appointment...
Click on “Schedule” on the right side of any page to schedule, or you may always call me at 303-880-3619
(Though you will see my full charge for a session, when I have spaces open for sliding scale fee clients, I offer a lower cost, if needed. Payment is not due until time of service)

Once you’re scheduled your first appointment, please go to the “For Clients” page, before your first appointment and fill out the paperwork.  Having this paperwork with you at the first meeting will allow us to get right to the things you're coming in to talk about. If we have not yet spoken, I will be calling you to check in briefly and make sure that I know a little bit about you, and so that you get a sense of me and make sure I feel like a good fit for you.

Once you schedule you will be sent a confirmation email. In the event you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, you may do so from the link in the confirmation email.